Dirty Baby


Fistful Of Aliens
Vegetation Made Public
Joshua Tree
Cry Box
My Name Is Abstract
Westward Ho
Brave Men
Man, Wife
Brother, Sister
Parts Per Trillion
The Uncertain Trail
The Teepees
Uncertain Frontier
Lllllong Tall Tales
Plenty Big Hotel Room (Painting For The American Indian)
Shut This Gate
Permanent Justice
Common Stock
Strong, Healthy
You And Yout Neighbors
Name, Address, Phone
Digit House
Servco, Unlimitron, Geltex
Drugs, Hardware, Barber, Video


for Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan

In God We Trust
Hi There, My Old Friend
If I Was You I’d Do Just Like I Tell You To Do
Do As I Say Or…
No Mercy
Do As Told Or Suffer
Agree To Our Terms Or Prepare Yourself For A Blast Furnace
Your A Dead Man
Hey You Want To Sleep With The Fishes?
A Columbian Necklace for You
Note We Have Already Got Rid Of Several Like You—One Was Found In River Just Recently
Be Cautious Else We Be Bangin On You
You Wont Know WHEN You Wont Know WHERE You Wont Know WHO and You Wont Know WHY
It’s Payback Time
I’m Going To Leave More Notes And I’m Going To Kick More Ass
You Cross Me I Wanna See Blood
I Heard You Moved To Pahrump, Nevada—You Cannot Escape
Little Snitches Like You End Up In Dumpsters All Across Town
I’ll Be Getting Out Soon And I Haven’t Forgotten Your Testimony Put Me In Here
You Talk You Get Killed
Do Not Let The Information Be Known To Any Person Or You Die
Don’t Threaten Me With Your Threats
I Just Might Act Ugly If You Talk
When I’m Released I’m Smoking A Straight Line To You. Got Me?
Want To Get To Know My Boiling Point?
You Dirty Rotten Bitch
You Will Eat Hot Lead
I Can’t Take It No More
I Might Just Act Ugly If You Get Up On That Stand And Say Something Unpleasant To My Ears
I Thought I Told You That We Wont Stop
I Will Wipe You Off the Face of This Earth
Give Up the Gold or Give Up Your Life
You and I Are in Disagreement


Videos of DIRTY BABY at Walker Art Center