Melting glacier about to calve. Mercy.
Darwinian overflow valve, mercy.

Falcons, Hornets, Eagles, Nighthawks, Osprey,
Tomcats, Spirits, Thunderbolts shelve mercy.

Air-Launched Cruises, Sea-Launched Cruises, Black Hawks,
Chinooks, Apache Longbows curve mercy.

Raven UAVs, Shadow UAVs,
Predator UAVs devolve mercy.

Harriers, Paladins, Strykers, Warthogs,
Sea Sparrows, Wild Weasels perv mercy.

Tomahawks, Talons, Hydras, Hellfires,
Reapers, PakBot Explorers salve mercy.

Anti-Swimmer Defense Dolphins, Liquid
Armor, Assault Kitchens evolve mercy.

MOABs (Massive Ordnance Air Blast/Mother
Of All Bombs), Daisy Cutters dissolve mercy.