You and I Are in Disagreement

You and I Are in Disagreement

Must it be so bleak between you and I?
What is there to tweak between you and I?

I is always capitalized, you is
not. Is that the pique between you and I?

A slab of king salmon up for grabs. Not
much left for the meek between you and I.

If we dam every discord, we only
slow the steady leak between you and I.

Muddy Waters. Mahavishnu. Miles. Not
at all about technique ’tween you and I.

When words infect the picture plain, something
dirty’s born: pecking beak ’tween you and I.

Extraordinary renditions bring tears,
applause. No need to speak ’tween you and I.

One more db of guitar in the mix.
Well sung, true. All we seek ’tween you and I.