Give Up the Gold or Give Up Your Life

Give Up the Gold or Give Up Your Life

A Rose Garden prayer for more gold and God
brought neither. Quaking before Gold and God.

Whatever hunger looked good on the stand
we bought, gorging on drugstore gold and god.

Bespoke preacher, multiplied and hidden
by screens, commands we adore Gold and God.

Riding cold caboose, the harmonica
paints a swollen tune: ignore Gold and god.

No materialists in foxholes? Sold
into war, poor soldiers wore gold and God.

Cradle of civilization, casket
of civilization, bore gold and god.

Lit by lipstick, in the blind and needled
alley lays the two-holed whore, Gold and God.

Give it up give it up give it up. Give
up your deathstyle. Carbon, gore, gold and god.