Ash tree, bay tree, bead tree, bean tree, beech tree, slanted, growing.
Big tree (sequoiadendron giganteum) anted, growing.

Birch tree, broom tree, cork tree, elm tree, fir tree, flame tree, fringe tree.
God tree, gum tree, larch, lime and love tree, enchanted, growing.

Ming tree, myrrh tree, nut tree, oak tree, palm tree, peach tree, pea tree.
Plum tree, rain tree, salt tree. Nut-leaved screw tree, canted, growing.

Shade tree, silk tree, soap tree, spice tree, staff tree, thatch tree, wheel tree,
awaiting plush Latin names on pulp unplanted, growing.

Alder, allspice, anise, banyan, buckwheat, bully, carob.
Chocolate, corkwood, devil, dogwood. Fire panted, growing.

Hemlock, incense, judas, kumquat, lacquer, locust, lotus.
Mango, mustard, necklace. Olive, disenchanted, growing.

Ordeal, papaw, pepper, phoenix, ribbon, service, shingle.
Bark-locked kiss of strangler tree victim, recanted, growing.

Silver, spindle, temple, trumpet, tulip, varnish, white wax.
Willow’s yawning shade, not yet taken for granted, growing.

Apricot, banana, black cherry, bullock’s heart beating.
Clementine, coconut, crybaby’s tale chanted, growing.

Cucumber tree, elephant tree, family and flamboyant.
Designed? Accidentally-on-purpose planted, growing.

Hazelnut and hickory, ironwood and ivory. Still
building then burning down love the singer ranted, growing.

Shallow-rooted, top-heavy, like us, standing frail, waiting
for a conference call of birds and moths, transplanted, growing.