Stand up straight. Look sharp. You can’t much duck permanent justice,
skedaddle or hornswoggle or buck permanent justice.

When sawing the fiddle to your own bad tune, be it blues
or bluegrass, always take care to pluck permanent justice.

Any two-bit grifter above snakes will absquatulate
two whoops and a holler rather than luck perm’nent justice.

Past Cairo, downstream, resolving to set Jim free: All right,
then I’ll go to hell, surmises Huck. Permanent justice?

Postponing pain can win you spurs. When in trouble in your
own end, you may find icing the puck permanent justice.

If the river running by your slumped soddy is too thick
to drink, too thin to plow, time to chuck permanent justice.

Life’s dandy! You jam the breeze and hold a hole card too, but…
crack wheels of progress often get stuck. Permanent justice.

Grubstake gone, coydog ate up your fluff duffs, snake-head whiskey
drained. Life’s just snare and snub. Run amuck permanent justice.

My grandfather called himself The Yiddish Cowboy. He died
of Marlboros. You make him a schmuck, permanent justice.

Whether in hoosegow or shanty, shack or luscious hollow,
when all’s sleeping peace never untuck permanent justice.

She stands there blindfolded, robes revealing her every curve
and bashful promise. You want to fuck permanent justice.