Necessary advances so damn fast, driving stat needs.
Brain candy fantasies produce new cephalostat needs.

Cruising past porcine towards obese, we hunger for a thin
wafer of indulgence to placate our appestat needs.

Compressing the tawny splendors of ranch into ranch house,
we make patio our cella, lugging orthostat needs.

Frigid, we burrow under plastic capillaries of
electric blanket, speedily dialing pyrostat needs.

Grasping the magnificent Zenith Space Command remote,
a young generation develops blepharostat needs.

Developments, double-wides, exurbs, zoning transport nodes.
Grant-seeking scientists assay microhabitat needs.

On the margins, the oddest random fires flare. Infernal
machines, propaganda of the deed feeds attentat needs.

After Jack and Martin, after Bobby in a hotel
kitchen hall, drop by drop we’re flooded with hemostat needs.

Parents regulate children by means of variable
resistance. Two terminals fulfill all rheostat needs.