No amount of empty blue can hush my obstinate voice.
No amount of empty. Deep blues for my desolate voice.

O Ma sing yo’ song, now you’s back whah you belong, git way
inside us, keep us strong. We plead soft with inchoate voice.

I’m prairie born and prairie bred, gonna brag about da
prairie till I’m good ’n’ dead. Mad props to aureate voice.

Done took my livin’ as it came, done grabbed my joy, done risked
my life. Out of sweat, meat, and muscle, rips incarnate voice.

I’ve rambled, been chased, rambled an’ been chased so long it feels
like sport to me. Yelping kin, we roll with consummate voice.

You’s done all you could do to make me stay, ’tain’ no fault of yours
I’se leaving, I jes’ datway. Tuck tail, muffled chocolate voice.

I laks yo’ kin’ of lovin’, ain’t never did you wrong, but it jes’ ain’t nachal
fo’ to stay here long. Forget that fancy etiquette voice.

Can’t you see, can’t you see what love and heartache’s done to me,
I’m not the same as I used to be, sobs torn violet voice.

Black wind come speedin’ down de river from de highland plain,
black wind comes a speedin’. Feel that cold, cold bayonet voice.

Bones gittin’ brittle, an’ my brain won’t ’low no rest, bones gittin’
brittle, an’ my brain won’t let me rest. Shhhh, delicate voice.

Death comes orderin’ folks aroun’, got blacksnake whip to bring yuh
down. In such times, even cocks crow in subordinate voice.

Goin’ where de pines curve ’round de river bend, goin’ where
de pack stacks up mo’ lak friends. Answer, compassionate voice.

O, I fear what’s ’round de bend, I fear de thunder comin’,
O, dat fear, don’t make me weep. Speak now, inviolate voice.