Want To Get To Know My Boiling Point?

Want To Get To Know My Boiling Point?

In our Great Dismal Swamp, cold black water
flowed into a firm: behold, Blackwater.

From Family Research Council came whitest
of white Religious Right gold: Blackwater.

Spread-eagled, bare-assed and hard, the neocons
shiny slick centerfold: Blackwater.

Above the law. Below the law. Outside
the law. Private. Who enrolled Blackwater?

Daily, we grew our new security
mercenary green slime mold: Blackwater.

At what temper does it boil to a froth
of bullets? Then, uncontrolled Blackwater.

What American girlyman would be
so weakly twee as to scold Blackwater?

One size fits: the classic moral condom
for our Trojan Horse war: bold Blackwater.