It’s Payback Time

It’s Payback Time

Pacifists try to bulldoze sweet revenge,
but jeez, it’s bred-in-the-bone, sweet revenge.

Every sperm has some issues with every
other sperm. For one: zygote. Sweet revenge.

Every story has one of seven plots
and six noisily disrobe sweet revenge.

Every fraction of a second, the world
over, in SMPTE timecode, sweet revenge.

Kashmir, Kirkuk, Poughkeepsie. From all points
of fragrant, barbed compass rose, sweet revenge.

Every day a maimed plain-Jane perp presents
her flashy moral peepshow: Sweet Revenge.

Every night a wounded man dreams his raw
violin dream of f-hole sweet revenge.

Every ending starts with a beginning.
The heart’s perfect palindrome, sweet revenge.