You Will Eat Hot Lead

You Will Eat Hot Lead

Now hear this! You’ll eat hot lead to stay free.
We are watching. Watch your step to stay free.

You will sow corn to feed your SUVs.
You will huff Humvee diesel to stay free.

You will slip on something light sweet crude. Car
sex comes next. Keep a harem to stay free.

You will swallow the Bill of Rights, gagging
on gristle (just a reflex) to stay free.

Three trillion bucks. You will ensure there are
no balances left to check to stay free.

Clicking, you will capture your own crimes, then
gnaw jpeg after jpeg to stay free.

Though you prize freedom, you will bury it—
proud gravedigger citizens—to stay free.

In the end, once you get trained right, you’ll cook
yourself a meal of regret to stay free.