I Just Might Act Ugly If You Talk

I Just Might Act Ugly If You Talk

You like U.S.? The Green Zone? If you talk
maybe comes a Reaper drone if you talk.

I’ve got Dish. I know all about your pals.
It will be like Al Capone if you talk.

Horny? I tase your dick while I make you
watch snatch scene of Sharon Stone, if you talk.

Bend over. In pink skirt, I’ll make you go
antiquing with Jerry Sloan if you talk.

Gone fishing? I will send you on a long
long truck ride with Karl Malone if you talk.

I give you the jelly, so you can be
cute boyfriend of Sly Stallone if you talk.

Hudsucker Proxy. Ladykillers. I’ll
subject you to Brothers Coen if you talk.

I will wedge you into the casket of
fucking Ariel Sharon if you talk.