A blank white space on maps to dehumanize Parts Unknown.
A dreamy jade cartouche to domesticize parts unknown.

On wall or table, or in pocket, a creased and folded
void, slightly foxed, helps dematerialize parts unknown.

Was there ever an animal we couldn’t shit out, or
use as weapon? Aim to denaturalize parts unknown.

The Bible’s boundary-rich: we be here, they be there. Cursed be
he, et cetera. Let us now dichotomize parts unknown.

Prayer study rubs quotations from a single source. Press hard.
Use your snarliest white teeth to dogmatize parts unknown.

The other’s always other, even sleeping, so every
Snidely Whiplash feels damn free to dastardize parts unknown.

Mix crosshairs and chalk, theodolites and rope. Carefully
triangulate the plat to decimalize parts unknown.

For the sake of health, of hygiene, let loose our oldest tool:
a caustic flensing fire to deodorize parts unknown.

Remember my horse running remember my horse. Remember
pale rider how swift we could demoralize parts unknown.

By rifle, saw or shotgun marriage, by microbeastie most,
staggered thumping drumbeat progress to downsize parts unknown.