I Thought I Told You That We Wont Stop

I Thought I Told You That We Wont Stop

for Norm from ’Nam and everyone in The Purple Tunnel of Doom (Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009)

One thing I know, you gotta stay the course.
So lemme be clear: you can’t fray the course.

Our response will be swift and sure to all
those who think they can disobey the course.

Liberals, second-guessers—all those folks think
you can just sorta…chardonnay the course.

Sometimes, late at night, I look at scripture.
When times are tough, you know, I pray the course.

Office of Special Plans was wrong. They did
the oil math, said we could prepay the course.

Sacrifices, sure. Gave up golf. Didn’t
want grieving dads, moms, see me play the course.

Wish it weren’t like this. Wish it’d gone
the way Dick said. That they’d bouquet the course.

But we won’t stop. History…it’s gonna
be kind. You know, like, when they weigh the course.