Like I said
Like I said sir
I just got these little bits and pieces
Little bits and pieces
Of memories

All I remember was getting through the gates

Mosaic wipe
Big blue dot

All I remember was being in the hiding spot
And seeing the little red light
All I remember is having a phone in my hand
And getting it to work

Willie Horton
Willie Smith

Were you standing up or sitting down?
Were you crouching down?
Was it dark in the kitchen at the time?
Did you have any difficulty dialing?

Did he have any clothes on?
Was he naked?
When you said Will was trying to penetrate
What position were your legs?

I don’t know
Would you like a recess?


How did he manage to get your legs apart?
Would you like a recess?

No I would really like
To get this over with

When there is penetration
Was it difficult or easy?

It hurt me

Would you like a recess?

There’s just a certain amount
Of emotional display
We’re allowed to have
Step down and stretch
Step down and stretch for a bit for a moment

Was the ejaculation outside you or inside you?

Willie Horton
Willie Smith
William Kennedy Smith
Was that ejaculation inside your vagina
Or outside your vagina
Or both?

I don’t know

Did you try as hard as you could
To prevent the act from occurring?

I tried as hard as I could

You were not sexually aroused?
Not lubricating?


Thank you

Mosaic wipe
Big blue dot
Seven-second delay

Was your strength any match
For his strength?
Were your legs any match
For his?

No no no no
I know I didn’t have
My heels on in the house
Because I would have
Heard my heels clicking
On the linoleum

Billie sings Hush now
Don’t explain
You’re my joy and pain
Don’t explain

Do you have any specific idea how
Those pantyhose came off?