Excise enough pests and a silent spring is natural.
Guns, God, xenophobia. Hell, to cling is natural.

Servco feels it’s the finest Lexus merchant on Maui.
In the dealer’s wallet, a benzene ding is natural.

They called her Styrene ’cause she came from the sap styrax trees
drip. Not for waffles. Nature’s toxic bling is natural.

Circling sad-eyed men, a silicone-injected orange-squeezed
Hooters girl bearing a buffalo wing is natural.

ADHD, SID, NLD in one small boy.
Whatever you’re dealt, whatever you bring, is natural.

The compounds of polygamists, the compounds of chemists,
compounds of Kennedys. Of thee I sing is natural.

Portuguese water dogs pounce on home runs. Meatheaded, geeked
on human growth hormone, taking a swing is natural.

In heat and losing money, GelTex gets bought by Genzyme.
With foreplay, a passionate corporate fling is natural.

At Kampgrounds of America, polypropylene reeks
in sweating sun. Pulling linguistic string is natural.

On a morning way too cold to launch—but for Reagan’s State
of the Union—a brittle, frozen O-ring is natural.

Women extrude babies. Babies are manmade. Made men cut
throats with knives. Knives are stainless. Everything is natural.