Blue cranes among kudu,
the sand grouse captured
by terrapin teeth, a black
crane standing on the nose
of a rhino, pecking at the
bright red gash where the
horn’s been ripped off in
a battle for sex.

Rubber bustier, high heels
tweak the unpainted ass, rouge
nipples plus Angel Cordero’s
riding crop is the contrasty
mise en scene, the Malibu beach
house, rented by the hour to
feed the frenzy of Hitchcock
sharks, Peckinpah bloody lips,
parted, licky teeth.

Ostrich by zebra by springbok,
the banded mongooses rile warthogs
and blacksmith plovers, while
the snorkeling python, nostrils
hidden in the water weed, goes at
the Egyptian goose, which flies,
but the red-billed coot is not
so lucky. Flamingos are rarely
seen with wildebeest.

Lace teddy, police nightstick,
Uma Thurmanish, soft focus,
flexible muted cries on formica,
local three-piece suit unzipped,
certain kinds of fellas squeezing
those two dimples above her hind
quarters, smiling purse, certainly
exchange of bills.

Avocet sweep the cloudy water
with bills for small change of
crustaceans. Another Kennedy
drives off another bridge.
The jackal makes everyone

at the water hole slightly
apprehensive. Hot tubs are
traditional for this kind of
shot, where she’s on top.
Everyone is making a living.