Vernon Reid

A matterhorn of cassettes twists above the couch: Paul Simon, Patti LaBelle, Keith Jarrett, Yaz, Little Richard, Gang of Four, Miles Davis, Morrissey, Rush, the Pretenders. On the shelves, the […]

Earned Dreams

Credits Recorded live on stage at the Caravan of Dreams, Fort Worth, Texas, 1984 Ronald Shannon Jackson: Drums, Flute, Bass Flute Henry Scott: Trumpet Zane Massey: Alto & Tenor Saxophone […]

Smash & Scatteration

Credits Recorded December 1984 Gramavision Studio, New York City SIDE ONE Landscapes in Alternative History (Reid) Frisell: Roland 300 guitar synth Reid: Steinberger guitar, Roland 700 guitar synth, guitar synth […]

Barbeque Dog

Credits Encoding: March 1983 at Jam Recording, London, England Decoding: April 1983 at Electric Lady Studios, New York The Decoding Society: Ronald Shannon Jackson: Drums, Flute, Voice, Bertoia Sound Sculpture […]

Man Dance

Credits The Decoding Society: Henry Scott: Trumpet and Flugelhorn Zane Massey: Tenor, Alto and Soprano Saxophones Vernon Reid: Electric Guitar, Steel Guitar, Roland Guitar Synthesizer, Banjo Melvin Gibbs: Electric Bass […]