Orphic Machine

Check out Orphic Machine, released March 24, 2015 by BAG Production Records / Royal Potato Family. Here is a video about the project made by the award-winning team of Mimi […]

Short-Sighted Dream Colossus

Credits Recorded August 9, 2010 New, Improved Recording, Oakland, CA Released September 16, 2014 SAZi Records/BAG Production John Dieterich: Guitars Ben Goldberg: Clarinet Scott Amendola: Drums Eli Crews: Engineer John […]

Early Opinions
Devadip Carlos Santana

The Swing of Delight Columbia C236590 by Spottswood Erving Round, pure, golden, delicious: Santana’s guitar still sounds ripe for the picking, but that’s nothing new. Nor is his affiliation with […]

Early Opinions
Oregon (2)

In Performance Elektra 9E-304 by Spottswood Erving At the start of the second disc of this live double LP, George Shultz, Oregon’s manager, asks the audience, “How do you like […]

Brian Eno

“I’m such a lucky person. I don’t know how, but everything happens to me just as I want it to. What’s funny is I don’t even believe that some people […]

Early Opinions
Keith Jarrett

Nude Ants ECM- 2-1171 by Spottswood Erving The Place: a pie-shaped slice of basement in the Big Apple, where one can hear the 7th Avenue subway rumble by during breaks. […]

Early Opinions
Herbie Hancock (2)

Monster Columbia JC 36415 By Spottswood Erving Another gruesome pop disc from Hancock. This one plods on (thump) and on (thump) and on (thwack) with the overproduced gusto of a […]

Early Opinions

Defunkt Hannibal 1301 by Spottswood Erving These days, serious jazz cats who decide to play dance music are—take themselves to be—as rebellious and avant-garde as the ones who decided not […]